introducing me

est 2001

i am inspired.

I’m that person who (as a child) went through every ‘phase’ – yes it probably was a phase mum! From candle making to bird keeping, there hasn’t been a creative journey i haven’t considered, spent too much money on, and probably given up after a week.

Now, i have finally found the things i enjoy in life. the things which glow golden, a flame crackling in my heart and never fail to draw me back to them; determined to not just be a ‘phase’ anymore.

i love to read classic novels, write poetry, streams of consciousness, strum blues songs on my guitars and doodle around photos in my journal. Nothing gives me more indescribable joy than putting on a classic John Mayer vinyl, pouring myself a creamy late and letting the warmth flow through my blood as i settle down with a classic novel or contemporary poetry anthology and living in the moment.

I’m a Capricorn, a realist.

For me, organisation and motivation are the keys to success and whatever i put my mind too, i can achieve. I hope this positivity and mind-set comes across in my posts and you can share it and find your path.

As you journey through this blog you’ll find a mixture of film, music and literature reviews; debates about the world and philosophical issues (conspiracies too!), photography from my travels and day to day life and an honest view into my mind as i learn more about myself – and the universe – daily.

you can predict the future, because whatever you predict will come true. If you really want it too.

charlotte smith xx